Dosis UK is a joint-venture between POLY DISPENSING SYSTEMS and 2KM UK. PDS is a specialist in industrial dispensing equipments and is omnipresent on the French market. 2KM UK is successfully implemented on the British market, for over 20 years now. It specialises in gear pump systems Process Gear Mix that are manufactured in the UK.

These two combined complete each other and can dispense all kind of fluids from 1nL per impulse to 1 000kg/min. Dosis UK is therefore an English company that commercializes a wide range of dispensing equipments proven effective. From the pneumatic and volumetric dispensers, robots, valves to all consumables such as syringes, needle tips and so on.

Our core business is to provide you with a solution to dispense your fluids in a precise and repeatable way for your manufacturing processes.

Our collaborators and sales engineers have strong technical competences. We are able to answer your questions and offer you, after analysis, the right solution for your particular need to optimize your manufacturing processes and reduce your costs of production.

Thus, with us, you choose :

  • To improve your productivity
  • To innovate your production process
  • To lower your production costs thanks to a better control and a regularity of the dispensing
  • To organize and simplify the manipulation of your products, hence to reduce risks of contamination for the worker
  • e-UVpen
    Spray valve RC200

    An efficient national presence

    Our technical engineer sales team can provide you support in very short notice. The partnerships well-established with our suppliers make of Dosis UK a reliable, recognized and present partner by your side.

    ​A tailored service

    In collaboration with your usual suppliers, manufacturers of adhesives and lubricants, we are able to provide you with a technical solution from its conception to its achievment.

    This approach allows you to exchange with only one interlocutor that will connect with others and will provide you with a complete solution.

    ​A validation of your projects

    Some projects require special attention, this is why Dosis UK is able to previously design the application and then perform tests with you to validate the dispensing method.

    For complex applications, the solutions that we propose are generally validated after a demonstration at your production facility.

    ​​Technical advice

    With a long experience in the field of dispensing – our team of sales engineers is at your disposal to assist you to choose the best dispensing equipment accordingly to your needs.

    Dosis UK will provide you with a complete and efficient solution for your dispensing applications.

    ​Quick delivery

    ​The goods can be delivered at your facilities 24H to 48H. We ship, package and are able to deploy the equipment and spare parts you need within hours after your call.