Gantry Robots

01 Overview

Our Gantry robots are available in 3 axes. Standard versions of Gantry Robots have displacement capacities going from 400 to 600mm

02 Description

DOSIS UK offers a wide range of Gantry dispensing robots to meet your most specific needs in terms of displacement and dispensing. These robots offer you a competitive advantage by increasing the quality and productivity of your manufacturing processes.

These robots are suitable with all our dispensing equipments – from dispensers to our valves and so on. Standard versions have a working area going from 400 to 600 mm. Gantry robots dimensions are customisable, you can contact us so we can study the application.

Designed to be easy to program and use, a software via a Teach Pendant or a computer have been specially designed to make the manipulation of the device accessible – avoiding the use of a complex programming language.

Do not hesistate to contact us for more information.

References X,Y Axis L Axis
PDS -G400 – 3 400×400 100
PDS -G500 – 3 500×500 100
PDS -G600 – 3 600×600 100

03 Technical Description

  • Instinctive use and programming via a Teach Pendant
  • Robust and reliable structure
  • Wide range of work surfaces

04 Technical Data Sheet