Aware that dispensing is present in all industries during manufacturing processes, Dosis UK puts at your disposal its expertise in dosing and dispensing fluids accurately and repeatably.

Dosis offers you the choice between two dispensing technologies:Time/Pressure and Volumetric.

Our Time/Pressure dispensers are designed to meet your application needs.

We also offer the only patented volumetric dispenser and the most accurate on the market. The Precifluid is a French/Swiss manufactured dispenser.

Thanks to its technology, it is insensitive to variation of fluid viscosity or other surronding conditions.

We commit to support our customers, our priority is your satisfaction.

Each application is different and particular, our team is present to help you choose the best solution for your application. Do not hesitate to contact us.

The products

Volumetric Dispenser – Precifluid

Volumetric dispenser Precifluid

The PreciFluid ™ is able to dispense different kinds of fluids, from the most liquid to the most viscous. Its technology combines speed and precision.

Time/Pressure Dispenser 

Pneumatic dispensers 300ETC

Recommended for a constant, repeatable and calibrated dispensing of liquids, fluids and pastes of any kind independently of its viscosity.

Dispensing valves

Volumetric valve MV300

Ideal for assembly lines, manufacturing processes that require a high autonomy in fluid and high pressure. Our valves can realize millions of cycles without any interruption.

Two - Components dispensing

Dispense system PR70

Dosis UK offers a wide range of equipments dedicated to two-components dispensing.

Supplying System

Exactablend system

Dosis UK offers you a complete range of pressurized pumps and reservoirs.

Dispensing Guns

DOSIS UK offers a wide range of manual, time/pressure and cordless dispensing guns suitable with your application needs..