Automation of your dispensing process

With its integration partner - janome - based (since 2009), DOSIS has full, fast and efficient know - how for solutions of robotic dosing ready to use.

The Janome robots offer companies a competitive advantage by increasing quality and productivity in their manufacturing process. Innovative and versatile manufacturer for over 100 years, janome produces patented industrial equipment.

DOSIS  in partnership with Janome offers two bots of robots:

  • Cartesian robots, available in 3 or 4 axes, these robots have displacement capacities ranging from 200 to 600mm
  • The Scara robots with a range of 250 to 550mm radius thus with a capacity of 650 to 1000mm

These robots are perfectly designed to fit into a mounting chain, associated with the appropriate application system, they allow to perform several types of applications: Points, lines, potting, dam & filling, Underfilling, encapsulation, leakage, coating, jetting.

And for our robot range to be as complete as possible, DOSIS working in collaboration with CDV Solutions, another company of the RG Distribution Group, which ensures the integration of the drawings and assemblies.

Are you looking for additional solutions? DOSIS offers a full range of valves, consumables and more.

The products

Robots Cartesians

The Cartesian dosage robots of janome ™ are true automated tablets available in version 3 or 4 axes and have displacement capacity ranging from 200 to 510mm.

Robots Scara

Multipurpose and compact, the Scara dosing robots are easily integrated into a chain (or line) of manufacture.

Gantry Robots

Our Gantry robots are available in 3 axes. Standard versions of Gantry Robots have displacement capacities going from 400 to 600mm