01 Overview

The Preciduo is a volumetric dispenser for two-component material packaged in 50ml cartridges. It is compatible with all kind of fluids from the more liquid to the more viscous. This dispenser combines speed and accuracy while its use remains simple.

Designed and manufactured in France, its electromechanical movement guarantees an unmatched accuracy regardless of the variations of viscosity of the fluids dispensed. It also offers a high capacity of pushing force going up to 500 000 cps, thanks to a multiplication of the torque.


The micro-drive system works by moving a linear stepper motor, leading to the movement of the product contained inside the cartridge. Thus, unlike the pneumatic dispensers operated by the air pressure, the Preciduo – the two-component volumetric dispenser – optimizes the dispensing in terms of accuracy and repeatability. In addition to its performance, its use remains very instinctive. Thanks to of previously recorded programs, its shots are regular and constants. You only need to set digitally on the controller the number of steps the motor will make and the dispensing speed rate desired. There is no more need to adapt the settings to the temperature and surrounding conditions. The cartridge attachment system is fast and tool-free.

The equipment can operate in three modes :

• Manual : As long as the cycle is activated by the foot pedal or by a closed contact, the device dispenses at a set speed.

• Automatic : At each impulse (foot pedal or PLC contact) the PreciDuo dispenses according to the registered active program settings.

• Sequential : This mode is a succession of programs (different or identical) spaced by a selectable period of time

02 Data sheet Description

3 dispensing modes: Manual, Automatic

Capability of push > 500,000 cps

The only volumetric dispenser to dispense a two-component material in cartridge.

03 Data Sheet