Scara robots

01 Overview

Designed for manufacturers, Scara robots are the most realistic reproduction of human action.

02 Description

The Scara robot (Selective Compliance Assembly Robotic Arm) proposed by PDS is the ideal answer to your automation on assembly line needs. They bring you the flexibility to work either as stand-alone systems or as key components of an automated dispensing solution.
It consists of an articulated arm mounted on a vertical axis, which allows to cover a very large area of work and make rapid and accurate movements. Versatile and compact, it is easy to program and integrate into a production line.
JS series uses an exclusive Janome bearing configuration coupled with AC servomotors to allow high movement speed and optimum precision.
Integrated in automation, it offers the ability to control a variety of external equipment and communicate with complex controllers.
I / O preconfigured connections allow an easy integration of a syringe or a dispensing valve system while the built-in sequencer simplifies installation of a dosing arm on online transfer systems, rotary tables or pallets assembly lines.

03 Technical Description

Automatic height detection and correction, ideal for dosing

Optional digital imaging

Increased precision thanks to the double shaft mechanism

  • Memory up to 255 programs or 30,000 points
  • Standard cycle time: 0.4 seconds on average
  • Maximum speed: 6.300 mm / sec7
  • Programming Method: JR-C Points Software

04 Technical Data Sheet