The Preci-Cure is composed of an LED pad, a controller, and a UV oven box. The Preci-Cure is a compact and powerful unit, capable of effectively curing a wide range of products that cure under UV light. 

Thanks to its unique LED technology, the Preci-Cure does not need to be preheated as the exposure power is immediately available. The LED UV lamp starts working automatically when the door is closed and stops when the door is opened.

The LED technology avoids heat generation.

The Preci-Cure is placed directly on the work surface, it is compact and safe.

Technical Description Curing Oven

  • Weight: black metal / 6.5kg
  • Cooling by fan
  • Anti-UV window
  • Dimensions: length 230 x230 x230mm, other sizes available on request

Technical description Led pavement

  • Weight : black metal / 2kg
  • Cooling by fan
  • Monitoring: recognition, temperature
  • -LED wavelength: 365mm
  • Power: <300W
  • Dimensions: length 130 x230 x120mm, other sizes available on request

Technical description Controller

  • Weight: black metal / 6kg
  • Cooling by fan
  • On/off control setting
  • Power supply <50W
  • Touch screen
  • Dimensions: length 330 x140 x130mm, other sizes available on request