Cartesian robot

01 Overview

The cartesian systems are real JANOME ™ automated tablets available in version 3 or 4 axes and are provided with displacement capacity of 200 to 510mm.

02 Description

The Cartesian robots of JANOME ™ are real automated available tablets in version 3 or 4 axes and are endowed with capacities of movement going from 200 to 510mm. Completely stand-alone, the Cartesian robots are mainly used for the dispensing and the assembly. Recognized in the industry, they are extremely accurate. Regarding dispensing, the result offered by the robots is incomparable.The range JANOME ™ is completed by a range of gantries JSG.

References X,Y Axis Z Axis
JR3203 200 x 200 50
JR3303 300 x 320 100
JR3403 400 x 400 150
JR3503 510 x 510
JR3603 510 x 620

03 Technical Description

Small footprint

  • Simplified installation and programming via a training box or file import
  • Robust and reliable structure
  • Wide range of work surfaces

04 Technical Data Sheet