PreciFluid easy

01 Overview

The Precifluid Easy is a volumetric dispenser suitable for all kind of fluids (from the most liquid to the most viscous) combining repeatability and accuracy. The “Easy” version is a lighter version of the Precifluid but remains more developed than a pneumatic dispenser.

The control unit is more compact, the gun is lightened and its operation is facilitated thanks to its two dispensing modes.

This patented dispenser is a French/Swiss conception and manufacture. The PreciFluid Easy is insensitive to viscosity changes due to its electromechanical movement which ensures an optimal dispensing accuracy regardless of the conditions. It also offers an unmatched high pushing capacity going beyond 500,000 cps through torque multiplication. This version remains suitable with the consumables of the Opti-premium range.

Precifluid Easy allows you to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Save products
  • Erase dispensing errors
  • Avoid the installation of an air flow which is usually needed with a time/pressure dispenser

02 Data sheet Description

3 models : Standard – Kit intégration

4 versions : 3, 5, 10cc and 30cc

Minimum volume of 0,06 microliters

Capability of push > 500 000 cps

03 Data Sheet