july 2022

Have a greta summer !

Dosis UK remains open all summer.
Our teams continue to support you in all your projects

March 2022

OPTIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE-Discover our range of valves !

Built for the most challenging manu-facturing environments, DOSIS UK valve systems are renowned for their accurate and reliable fluid dispensing controls.

February 2022

Insight DOSIS UK  

Dosis UK is a joint-venture between Poly Dispensing Systems and 2KM. We combine 36 years of experience in the dispensing industry

February 2022


To simplify the mixing of lightweight glass spheres, into his Polyurethane formulation

January 2022


Mixing a fast reacting, two component polyurethane with a colorant

January 2022


DOSIS UK is the official distributor of Janome Industrial Equipment Europe Robot for UK and Ireland

November 2021


An UV oven system efficient and reliable for a fast, strong and effective curing.

September 2021


Cable assembly for : 

- Military

- Control  panel

- Radio frenquency coaxial and triaxial

September 2021

INVITATION Our first Dosis UK showroom meeting ! 

On the 14th of October, we will launch our first meeting post COVID at our office in Bromsgrove. 

It will be the moment for you to :

  • Try our products
  • Discuss with us about your application
  • See what we can do for you
  • And most importantly : Challenge us !
September 2021

Have a great summer !

Dosis UK remains open all summer.
Our teams continue to support you in all your projects.


The original process of hand mixing and degassing had an impact on the work-life that was almost exhausted when it was ready to dispense, which led to filling errors.

With the P-Mix 100, the customer had a quicker mixing without degassing, leaving longer work life.

Thanks to P-Mix 100 labour costs were reduced, as well as product.

July 2021


You liked it so much that we are doing it again

You are only 10 steps away from a perfect dispensing.

  1. Use the planetary mixer P-Mix 100 to mix and degas.
  2. You will be able to homogeneously mix all engineering compounds from one to two-components.
  3. Before using the P.Mix 100, the product is not homogeneous.
  4. Insert the mixing cup in the planetary mixer.
  5. The material in the container revolves and rotates in a planetary manner at high speed.
  6. You have now a consistent and without air bubble mixing result.
  7. You can then fill a syringe with the perfectly mixed product.
  8. Place the syringe in the syringe adapter, inside the planetary mixer and rotate it again, to remove any air bubbles that may have been added during the transfer.
  9. You can now insert the piston inside the syringe without adding air.
  10. You are now ready to dispense
June 2021


Test it, use it, manufacture with it.

1. Prepare your fluid

     Choose from our mixing and degassing equipment

2. Dispense your fluid

     Find your solution with manual or automated dispensing, pneumatic or volumetric dispensing or a valve system

3. Polymerise your fluid    

     Opt for a point or a surface source

June 2021

Support in 5 steps

1. Study of the specifications

2. Customisation

3. Testing

4. Delivery and installation

5. Follow-up

April 2021

Precifluid new ! PreciDuo, two-component volumetric dispenser

The Preciduo is a volumetric dispenser for two-component material packaged in 50ml cartridges. It is compatible with all kind of fluids from the more liquid to the more viscous. This dispenser combines speed and accuracy while its use remains simple.
Continuous volumetric dispensing

  • No variations due to viscosity changes
  • Linear movement and pulsation-free
  • Programmable dispensing rate
  • Manual, automatic modes
March 2021

Precifluid new ! P.Mix 100, planetary mixer

Mixes and quickly degasses products , guarantees a homogenous mixing, mixing device for all types of adhesive, compact.

February 2020

A complete range of consumables, How to choose ?

You will find many references of syringes, needles, adapters and nozzles certified silicone-free and customisable on request. All DOSIS UK™ consumables benefit from an extremely precise design, with high manufacturing standards and are only moulded in quality materials.

January 2021

Precifluid range

Dispensing, consumables, automatisation, polymerization… Discover the entire precifluid range.

January 2021


Application :  micro-dispensing of fuilds with high-added value (gold/silver solder paste)

December 2020

Offer 360°

A good dispensing requires a good preparation : mixing, degassing and global solution for UV curing.

December 2020


The UK departure from the EU is approaching with the transition period due to end at the end of the year 2020, Dosis UK is currently working closely with its freight partner DHL and customs advisory department to ensure that formalities can be completed with the minimum of disruption.

October 2020

Which needle tip for which type of application ?

In addition to its dispensing equipment, Dosis UK offers a wide range of consumables suitable with your dispensers (needles, syringes, pistons, nozzles, cartridges, syringe adapters, sealant removal tools Semco, static mixers…).

Delivery in 48/72 hours.

June 2020

Practical Dispensing Tools

The e-UVpen is a powerful and ergonomic UV LED lamp. It can cure efficently many products that polymerize with UV light with wavelengths at 365/385/395/405nm. The manual volumetric gun Precidot offers positive-displacement accuracy for dispense volumes as small as 0.0003 mL. Once a volume is set it can be repeated with accuracy.