P.Mix by ZYE-200V

01 Overview

The ZYE P.Mix-200V is a planetary mixer conceived to perfectly mix, degas and remove all air bubbles of your fluids. The vacuum system garanties a complete desaeration until full suppression of the sub micron and nanosized air bubbles.

One of its benefits is the handling of the container that happens without getting in contact with the product. The container revolves around an axis while rotating around itself. This is what guarantees an impeccable degasing that could not be reached by manual mixing. This planetary mixer was designed running on roller in order to be optimally mobile. With an optimum height, this one can be laid on the ground, considering it a real space saving on your working surfaces. The ZYE P.Mix-200V technology is one of the few planetary mixers to possess a touch screen.

  • Powerful mixing capabilities delivered with acceleration of approximately 400G created by a revolution speed of 2,000 rpm.
  •  The excellent rigidity and durability of revolution section, axis and frames. Higher safety by vibration sensors and the lock functions on the cover.
  • In spite of a broadened capacity, the size and weightare compact. The excellent portability for various applications such as in the medical,industrial and academic fields.
  • Standard Speed Changefeature. Process and control a wide range of materials and improve the quality
  • Standard Step Mixing feature. 5 steps in one batch cycle can be programmed in each 5 memory slot.

02 Data sheet Description

Suitable for high viscosity material

Fixed scale of revolution and rotation

High speed, low temperature

Single cup

Planetary mixer with vacuum

Multi-step parameter

Dynamic balance