Our industries


Dosis UK dispensing equipments offer precision and repeatability to make assembling processes more reliable for electronics.

​Products Dispensed

​Dispensing applications


  • ​UV resins
  • ​​Soldering Pastes
  • ​​Silicones
  • ​​Epoxies
  • ​​Cyanoacrylate
  • ​​High frequency components
  • ​​Optical fiber
  • ​​Touch screens
  • ​​Electronic chips
  • ​​​Printed circuit boards assembly
  • ​GPS
  • ​​Cable TV Converters​
  • ​ ​​Cameras​
  • ​​​Electrical Connectors​
  • ​​​​Mobile phones​
  • ​Printed circuit boards for CMS


Dispensing in the automotive industry can be difficult - selective spray coating, potting, sealing, dispense of adhesive dots and lubricants. The automotive industry is constantly evolving and for each new sensor, injector, cooling system, or sun visor etc. - the cadences and the quality have to increase.

​Products Dispensed

​Dispensing applications


  • ​RTV Sealing Products
  • ​Anaerobic
  • ​Cyanoacrylate
  • ​Grease
  • ​UV adhesives
  • ​Epoxies
  • ​Methacrylates
  • ​Cements
  • ​Brakes
  • ​Suspensions
  • ​Windshields
  • ​Dashboards and touch screens
  • ​Airbags and wheels
  • ​Air conditioning systems
  • ​Engines and engine components
  • ​Electrical Systems
  • ​Power Supply Circuits
  • ​Manufacture of keys
  • ​Lighting, alarms
  • ​Mirrors
  • ​Wiring
  • ​Sensors, relays, regulators

Construction Industry

Two-component adhesives, silicones, foams and coatings are often used in construction applications.

For that effect, Dosis UK provide companies with manual, air-powered and cordless dispensing guns, as well as numerous nozzles and static mixers that guarantee precise dispensing.

​Products Dispensed

​Dispensing applications


  • ​Epoxies
  • ​Polyurethanes
  • ​Silicones
  • ​Polyesters
  • ​Lubricants
  • ​Cements
  • ​Cethacrylates
  • ​Seals
  • ​Chemical Seals
  • ​Crack Repair
  • ​Silicone Removal​
  • ​​Sealing of doors and windows

R​enewable E​nergy

Thanks to our wide range of products, our experience of automation and our ability to quickly customize your equipment. PVA is our experienced partner in various crystalline photovoltaic (PV) and coating solutions.

​Products ​Our PVA systems are currently used in the assembly processes to provide:

  • ​Soldering paste for connection of junction box cables
  • ​Edge / sealing frame
  • ​Potting junction box for environmental protection
  • ​Liquid cell encapsulation
  • ​Rear-side coating of the thin layer
  • ​Device for distributing thermally conductive interface materials
  • ​Electrical connection mastic / grease

​Medical Industry

Dosis UK helps you in the manufacturing process of medical devices from the research and development stage to the large-scale production.

Our equipments are used in various applications such as assembly of plastics, glass and metals, lubrication of equipments, coating, dispensing UV adhesives for the assembly of needles and catheters.

​Products Dispensed

​Dispensing applications


  • ​UV adhesives
  • ​Epoxies of high technology
  • ​Cyanoacrylate
  • ​Silicones
  • ​RTV
  • ​Solder paste
  • ​Lubricants
  • ​Hydrophilic coatings
  • ​Two-components (PU, silicones, and epoxies)
  • ​Catheters
  • ​Cardiac pacemakers
  • ​Contact lenses
  • ​Lubrication of syringes
  • ​Surgical and dental instruments
  • ​Diagnostic devices
  • ​Breathing devices
  • ​Hearing Aids
  • ​Defibrillators


Dosis UK equipments allows you to have a full control of your cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages packagings.

Combining flexible customized solutions and diverse application expertise, Dosis UK can prove to be a valuable source for the dispensing of hot melt adhesives, sealants, epoxies.

​Products Dispensed

​Dispensing applications

  • ​Lubricants
  • ​Cosmetics
  • ​Perfume
  • ​Food coatings
  • ​Creams
  • ​Grease
  • ​Adhesives
  • ​Cyanoacrylate
  • ​Two-​Sealing Products(PU, silicones, and epoxies)
  • ​Marking inks
  • Filling of perfume bottles
  • Filling of small containers
  • Heat Shrink Packaging
  • ​​Food coating with flavors
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • Encapsulation
  • Painting


Accuracy, reliability and traceability are essential in the manufacture and assembly of aerospace parts. 

Dosis UK equipments are currently used in the following aerospace production lines:

  • Assembly of planes and spare parts
  • Manufacture of satellites
  • Manufacture of detection and arming apparatus

Produtos Dispensados

Aplicações de dosagem


  • ​​Lubrificantes
  • ​Solventes Solvents
  • ​Selantes (PR)
  • ​Adesivos Adhesives
  • ​Epoxies Epoxies
  • ​Anaeróbico Anaerobic
  • ​Pasta de solda
  • ​Pintura selectiva por pulverização
  • ​Ferramentas de comunicação
  • ​Sistemas de ativação e controle remoto
  • ​Sistemas de navegação
  • ​Selagem de estruturas
  • ​Gravadores de voo
  • ​Assentos de avião
  • ​Cockpits
  • ​Painéis de instrumentos
  • ​Instrumentos de medição
  • ​Munições Militares
  • ​Sistemas elétricos
  • ​Satélites